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What does this Qualification Cover?

There are many reasons for people to move:

  • Escaping
  • Conflict
  • Persecution
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Terrorism

These courses will help you get a better understanding of what life in the UK is like, to help gain the needed skills to become a British nationalist and British citizen.

Who is Suitable for?

This is suitable for those from other countries who are looking to build a life in the UK.

Entry Requirement

There are no entry requirements but little to some understanding of the English language. Some knowledge in UK history, the British government and the local cultures.

Learning Levels

  • Life in the UK- This course is to help you learn and understand what life is like in the UK, from how the government work, voting, charities and to better help towards becoming a British citizen
  • A1- Help people understand short and simple question, requests and statements within the English language
  • A2- Extending you speaking and listening skills from A1 and learning to read and writing in the English language
  • B1- An exam which including reading, writing and speaking in the English language and to demonstrate you are enable to become a British citizen while applying for indefinite leave to remain (ILP)
  • B2- To help apply to become a British nationalist this means you can apply to change your nationality then given the rights to work and become a permanent resident in the British Isles/United Kingdom

Where can I progress onto next?

  • Indefinite leave to Remain (ILR)
  • British citizenship
  • British nationalist

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